Company background

Gama Classic Funerals has grown from being a small business only operating in Pietermaritzburg to a number of branches that are located in various parts of the province, namely: Pietermaritzburg (Cnr Chapel and Longmarket Street, Larger Centre and Retief, Pinetown (Crompton and Moody Streets), Durban (Gale street), Richmond, Kranskop, Greytown, and Hammersdale. However, our services are not only limited to the above mentioned area. Work of various nature and sizes has been carried out in other parts of the country through strategic partnerships with other service


providers. Whilst Gama Classic may be generally known as a funeral director, it does however, provide a range of other related service, thus ensuring that the needs of our consumers are satisfied.

To become a well recognised leader in our industry

Mission Statement
To provide high quality and integrated funeral and related services to various types individuals, groups of people and organisations


  • To provide funeral services 
  • To become a place of hope for bereaved families 


  • Coffins
  • Caskets
  • Hearses
  • Flowers
  • Crosses
  • Tombstones
  • Cremation plaques
  • Limo hire
  • Tents re
  • Chairs and tables
  • Catering & video/dvd
  • Sound systems
  • Musicals cattle and sheep

Methods of service delivery

The nature of our services requires that we should be in contact with the client whenever the provision of a particular services is required.

Company philosophy

Gama Classic believes that the justifiable exchange of service or product is value for money. Therefore, and in line funeral2with its Motto, “When only the best will do”, Gama Classic is guided by the following values and principles in its operations:

  • Value for money
  • Integrity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer care (even after service has been rendered)

The team (Management and Staff)

Gama Classic and all other related services and products is owned and managed by its founder, P.S. Gama. A team of highly skilled staff has been employed in different positions to ensure successful execution of different activities. Each branch has reasonable number of staff located to it in order to ensure smooth operations. Other than branches (where administrative work is being done, and which are the face of the business) we also have staff who are dedicated to running and managing Gama Classic owned mortuaries. Ongoing staff training and development is being provided from time to time

Work experience
Since inception to this date our company has carried out a number of assignments. We have conducted funerals of various sizes and nature catering for people many status. Our services have not only been directed to individuals and families, but requests have also come from other organisations and government departments especially for mass funerals. The following are some of the jobs that have been successfully carried out:

  • Mass funeral for eleven people who died on  car accident at Isiphingo, Durban,  by Department of Transport
  • Moses Mabhida embalming from Maputo back to South Africa for a special dignified funeral,  by KZN Premier’s Office.
  • Three family member’s funeral that were tragically killed in Lamontville, by Department of Transport


  • KZN Department of Transport
  • KZN Premier’s Office

About Gama Classic

About Gama Classic
Company background Gama Classic Funerals has grown from being a small business only operating in Pietermaritzburg to a number...

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DURBAN: Tel: 031 306 0011

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RICHMOND: Tel: 033 212 2842

PMB: Tel: 033 342 7291



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